Hair Style: Fishtailing

I've been wanting to attempt this hairstyle for quite some time after adding it to my Pinterest boards via Asos. For whatever reason, I have no ability to do french braids, but can thankfully manage fishtail braids. The only problem I encounter is that my hair twists as I braid it- I'm not sure how people who do their own hair manage to keep it straight. With my shirt and fishtail braided pig tails, I felt like I was channeling my inner country girl. This plaid shirt is another clearance find on my way out of Marshalls on Black Friday that I picked up for $15. It's a James Perse shirt; originally $188. You can't beat those kind of deals.

Original Hair Style

Image via Pinterest board

My Hair Style


I apologize for the cleavage shot- please ignore.  At the time, I decided to crouch down for a close up of my hair style rather than doing the obvious thing and sitting in the desk chair right next to me.  I think if I had had the hair style in front of me and taken a little bit more time, I could have better replicated the style.  This will definitely be a future repeat.

My outfit:  Shirt- James Perse / Tank- Jockey / Jeans- Rich & Skinny Legacy Jeans / Boots- Arturo Chiang Everly OTK boots

Restaurant Fare

We went out to eat that night at a local restaurant in the center of our town.  It was one of those difficult nights with Faith- she didn't want to be in the high chair, she was getting into everything, and had a few high pitch screaming fits.  Needless to say, there were a few moments where I broke out into cold sweats as embarrassment and anxiety kicked in that fellow restaurant patrons would be giving us the eye.  But then I figured that we were out before 7PM on a Friday night and we're entitled to some social time.  We tried snapping a few photos of me and Miss Faith, but she didn't feel like cooperating...of course!

Seeing my creepy grin in this photo shows why I do not attempt smiles for my outfit posts

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