To Cardi or Not to Cardi

I usually put together my outfit for the work day the night before and make sure my gym bag is packed.  I don't really put a lot of thought into my outfits, which works out for the most part and takes up very little time.  I hate the days that I deliberate over an outfit, wasting 20 minutes trying on and discarding options to end up wearing an outfit that I find myself looking at later on that day thinking "Why did I pair this together?".  Yesterday I had an important work meeting so wanted to be a bit more business casual rather than just casual.  To do that, I wore my denim button down and thought to layer a cardigan with the denim shirt.  However, once I got to work, I took pictures of the outfit with and without the cardigan and decided that it didn't really jive well.

To Cardi

Not to Cardi

My Outfit:  Cardigan - J. Crew / Denim shirt - H&M / Jeans - Rich & Skinny Legacy / Ankle Boots - Coach boots (T.J. Maxx $149.99)

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