Dean Does Lately...Along with Diaper Rash & Target Shopping

This was a tough weekend. I dealt with diaper rash, sleep deprivation, Target shopping with the whole family, and hosting a Sunday Funday brunch.


On Thursday, I had to pick up the kids early from day care because Dean wasn't doing well.  He hadn't taken any formula, he was fussy, and he was developing a bit of a diaper rash.  I thought by Friday, we'd be in the clear.  However, Dean ended up pooping about 10x that day, making it impossible to keep the area dry and protected from irritation.  Mark and I ended up getting a babysitter for the night so we could go out with friends.  Needless to say, this was responsible for my slept deprivation going into Saturday morning and yet another crap filled day (literally)!


Saturday morning, Faith and I had a bit of a battle royal.  She was vegging out that morning watching Peppa Pig, but it was getting close to the start of dance class.  I had to fight with her to get on the toilet, then it was a fight to get her to go to the bathroom.  As I mentioned before, she's part camel and can hold it, but she hadn't gone since the night before and I wasn't about to put her in tights and a leotard without peeing first.  We only ended up being a few minutes late to dance - thankfully it was mostly cleared out of the class before, so I didn't have to fight through a sea of preschoolers and kindergarteners to get her in and get her ballet shoes on.

Faith in her H&M dancewear (featured on instagram, follow me mbcandacejean) that I post during this shopping post.

Later on that day, all four of us did a big shopping trip at Target.  We found some great clearance items for Dean, which I pulled together below.  All of the t-shirts and pants are under $5! (except for No. 3).  I was totally digging the dinosaur rain jacket, but we held back on purchasing that and the rain boots.  I may or may not go back for those since they were so stinkin' cute.  Last, I picked up the Aden + Anais bath time set, which was on clearance for $20.99.  It included a generous size hooded bath towel, body & hair wash, and body lotion.  It smells AMAZING!

Images source - Target, Zulilly
No. 1 Thermal long sleeve t-shirt | No. 2 Henley shirt | No. 3 White v-neck tee | No. 4 Triangle print leggings | No. 5 Chinos | No. 6 Mustache pants | No. 7 Dinosaurs rain coat | No. 8 Kidorable dino rain boots | No. 9 Aden & Anais bathtime gift set | No. 10 Camo baseball cap | No. 11 Suprize by Stide Rite hasson boots

Below are my picks fo Faith.  We didn't get anything for her except for the print leggings, which were on clearance for $2.50!!  The ladybug rain boots would have definitely been a purchase since they were on clearance for $12.50, but they didn't have Faith's size.

Images source Target

No. 1 Peplum shirt | No. 2 Paw patrol t-shirt | No. 3 Metallic skinnies | No. 4 Print leggings | No. 5 Lace up flats | No. 6 Rosette dress | No. 7 Bird print dress | No. 8 Heart print rain coat | No. 9 floral flats | No. 10 Ladybug rain boots


On Sunday, we hosted friends at our house and Mark cooked 4 lbs of bacon.  In addition to bacon, french toast, tater tots, scrambled eggs, and sausage, we also made mimosas for everyone.  It was a blast and by 5PM I was ready for a nap.  Dean still had about 10 poops that day and he is still suffering from some bad diaper rash.  Now we have topical nystatin to apply to the rash since he's developed red bumps and giving Culturelle for kids probotics to try and stop the excessive pooping.  I really hope everything will be back to normal by tomorrow.

A few candids of Faith and Dean hanging out with us in the kitchen before our friends arrived.  

Dean Does Lately...

1. Started shaking his head No
-demonstrating his understanding of the word, but still not listening when I tell him not to do something
2. Puts about 10-15 objects in his mouth a day 
-I am able to prevent his 20 attempts at sticking Shopkins in his mouth that his sister drops all over the floor
3. Laughs uproariously when his dad makes driving and crashing noises with his toy truck

Love, Candace Jean

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