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Lately I can't seem to avoid a cluster free morning. Mark and I stayed up waay too late and I ended not getting up in time to finally try out the gym near my house. So I figured I'd go back to sleep...I thought wrong. Miss Faith woke up at 5:05 this morning and really started to wail at 5:20. During those 15 minutes I lay in my bed in denial, hoping that I would catch a break and she'd go back to sleep. I gave in and brought her into my bed where she tossed and turned for 40 minutes before she started crawling on my head to grab my iPhone, which she calls Disney (in addition to me, her microphone, her musical remote...anything that makes sound).  Let me also mention that I was sleeping in because I was going to drop off Faith today at day care so Mark could head into Boston early. My plan was to drop her off at 7AM and then catch the 7:21 train and get into to work around 8:30AM.  Of course, this did NOT happen.

In addition to the sleep shenanigans, Mark messed around with the dryer vent last night and Faith really needed a load of laundry done. I hate, hate, HATE laundry (I may have already mentioned this) and always put it off to the bitter end.  After washing her clothes last night, I ran them in the dryer before heading up to bed.  This morning they were still damp.  So we ran the dryer again this morning and the clothes were still DAMP!  At this point, I need to finish my make up, get Faith in her outerwear & hat, collect all the damp laundry, throw it into my car, and drop it off at Mark's parents' house.  In my anxious fit this morning, I called up Ruthie and she graciously offered to throw all the clothes in the dryer at her house.  I was finally able to get out of the house, drop off the damp laundry with minimal chit chat, drop off Faith, and grabbed the 7:49 train and get into work at 9.  Just writing this exhausts me...I need to a shorter commute!

I think today's outfit was subconsciously inspired by Andrea Clare's outfit from yesterday, whose post I read last night before heading to bed.  I came up with the outfit before falling to sleep and then realized this morning that it had all the same elements- cardigan, dress, belt, and booties.




My Outfit: Dress- Loft, options belted here and here / Cardigan- Michael Stars from T.J. Maxx, options here with belt and w/o belt here / Boots- DV Dolce Vita Java, buy here / Belt- Charlotte Russe, old

You can see Faith hanging out in the corner wearing her fleece playwear as that was all I had left for her to wear today.  She's going to be rocking her minnie PJs tomorrow to Ruthie's until we get her clothes back.  She likes to go into that corner, play with her car, and bang on her dad's guitar strings.

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