Monthly Overview: November Outifts

Today I am starting a new feature, Monthly Overview, that is somewhat belated and borrowed from Jenette over at Diary Chic.  Now that I've started this blog and had it fully running for over a month, I can pull together all the outfits I've featured in my various posts for November.  I've put it together in reverse chronological order.  As you'll notice from this post, there are a lot of repeat items in my wardrobe; largely a heavy rotation of a few pairs of jeans, boots- a fall staple, and repeat outerwear (blazers & jacket).   One thing I think we can all agree on- the quality of pics have gotten better.  I have been using Camera Awesome app and taking the photos in my living room with full lighting, which I think has been working a lot better.  I finally found my Canon Power Shot (some version) and can not find the battery charger...foiled again.  It serves as a poor reminder that Mark and I need to go through the basement and finishing unpacking boxes from when we moved months ago.

As Promised
Outfit Inspired by Cape Town Montage
How I Wore It:  Rich & Skinny Jeans

Going with the flow



2 for 1 deal

Back in Plaid...All Right!

Box Seats

Serving as Faith's entertainer

Comfy in Stripes
Series of unfortunate events
Black & Blue
All Checkered Out

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