Monthly Overview: December Outfits

My Outfits

Feeling Spotty

Inspired Style

Having a dicker moment
Knitted Comfort

Feeling the flow

Having another Hi Low moment
Giving it to the maxx Part I
Lazy Days
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Surviving the storm
Holiday Break

How I Wore It: 1 Outfit, 2 Scarves

Faith's Outfits

I've taken a lot of photos of Faith and her outfits lately, so I am including Miss Faith in my monthly round up.

Old Navy bow cardigan, tulip shirt

Target PJs

Old Navy knit hat, Baby GAP Outlet jacket, cardigan, and scotty dog onesie, Trumpette mary jane socks

H&M suspender jeans, onesie, Converse pink sneakers (bought at Kohls)

Old Navy hat, onesie

Ralph Lauren outfit, bought at TJ Maxx

Baby GAP sweater

Kitty ears bought at Walmart, wearing as headband

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